Film Market

“The film business changes and we change within the biz. Structure follows technology – The viewer determines time, place and value of his individualized entertainment. Today’s “Prosumer” produces and consumes own filmed content that he shares with the audience instantly, worldwide and from whatever location with one click . 

Technological innovation completely alters our media culture with high pace and forces to rethink traditional routes of film business. However, simultaneously the development requests to give orientation – for both viewers and our  partners in the film business. This market environment provides growth opportunities to those experienced entrepreneurs who know how to transfer business change into chances as well as how to loop in the creative environment, financial investors and industry partners into new business models on a fair basis. This management quality mixed with a good script and an intelligent strategic match of budgeting, financing and  marketing will generate the driving strategic key success factors in the coming years.” 

Kai Grueneke | CEO